Bad Experience at Wardman Park Marriott Hotel

12th February 20079:59 am

February 12, 2007

By the way, if anyone is traveling to Washington, D.C. you should ask if they have finished the interior renovations before you pay a penny to stay at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. The loud hammering in the room just above me started at 7AM. Meanwhile, the bathroom sink filled up with sewage from someone else’s room. After complaining (“I’m sorry,” they said, “we have a very aggressive construction schedule.”) the management offered me a coupon for a free breakfast and, when that did not mollify me, finally agreed to knock $250 off my bill. I would have much preferred a quiet place to sleep and a bathroom sink that worked. I realize they have to do renovations from time to time. But surely they could find a better way to get that done if they put the needs of their guests first. What’s more, they must have known about this problem before I checked in. Be warned.

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