First ReelChanges Doc Project Tops $2K in Contributions!

26th October 20087:38 am

Some good news: Arthur Nicholls’ documentary project on the recent expansion of federal executive branch power is the first ReelChanges project to bring in more than $2000 in donations. Nicholls banked most of that cash in the last ten days. His success is heartening and offers some object lessons to other filmmakers. Most won’t be able to match Arthur’s best marketing move. But Nicholls persistent approach illustrates what it takes, and how ReelChanges can help. We plan to apply one of the key lessons of his success in the next release of ReelChanges sometime in the next few weeks — a new marketing tool filmmakers will find quite useful. Meanwhile, though, it’s fun to see some real money changing hands on reelchanges so early in our development of the concept. It’s just a matter of time until more filmmakers raise money for their projects this way. Taking it to a whole ‘nother level: ReelChanges now features new film projects by Academy Award nominee Frederick Marx (“Hoop Dreams”) and Sundance Award winner Melissa Regan (“No Dumb Questions.”).