Money for Citibank?

22nd November 20087:30 am

I bet I am not the only person cheering this week at the news that the nation’s largest credit card company, Citibank, may soon go broke and shut down. I closed all my Citibank accounts a few months ago (I had several) after a company representative lied to me, flat out lied, about my interest rate and then threatened me that Citibank would damage my credit rating if I paid off the card and closed the account (which I did, or at least tried to). After I paid the account in full, Citibank refused to close it (!), insisting instead that it had to remain open for another year. They’ve already put thru at least one improper charge since then, which I manged to reverse after several phone calls. These guys are crooks, plain and simple. Thugs with suits. They richly deserve to go out of business. I’ll be outraged, totally outraged, if the federal government spends another dime of my tax dollars so that Citibank can keep its jackboot on the throats of the American consumer. Far better to make an example of the company, and do to them what they have tried to do, and already done, to millions of hard-working Americans, which is to push them off the ledge without mercy. Gee, do you suppose that if Citibank goes out of business that might actually close my account with them?

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