ReelChanges “Heist” Project Raised $30K Today!

1st May 20096:15 am

May 11, 2009

Great news.

“Heist,” the documentary film project supported by about the calamity on Wall Street, co-produced by HBO vets Donald Goldmacher and Frances Causey, pulled in $30,000 today from a single donor! That makes “Heist” the most successful project in the short history of our start-up non-profit organization, the Center for Media Change, Inc.

(CMC) develops new business models that preserve the role of a viable professional independent press in our democracy. We created CMC last year because democracy cannot survive without an adequately supported independent and free press. We also think it best if the next, post-Internet business models for the news media are more dependent on the general public for support rather than giant corporations as has been the pattern up til now, because big corporations often have a hidden or at least undisclosed agenda that influences, some might even say pollutes, the content of mass media.

What a thrill it is to see our new ReelChanges model really working! And to see members of the public coming together with professional journalists to create the high-quality investigative reporting we so desperately need, especially now. What we are talking about here is really the very lifeblood of our democracy. Congratulations to Donald and Frances, as well, for showing others how an idea presented in the right way to the right people at the right time can find the support it takes to make high quality journalism happen. Now would be a great time for reelchanges supporters to add their contributions to this valuable project, which you can do here. No amount is too small. (Btw, another project, Gen Silent by Stud Maddux, brought in totally respectable $1500 this week, also worth checking out. It casts a spotlight on the real world suffering caused by bigotry against gays).

We can create a new, more socially responsible way to finance professional high-quality news media in this country. We are a better people than our news media currently reflects. But to show the world the real America we real Americans will have to hold up the mirror ourselves. Please visit today and join us in making sure this necessary history happens.

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