ReelChanges Wins Nice Grant from Google!

13th October 20087:41 am

October 13, 2008

Good news…

I’m thrilled to report that our new non-profit Center for Media Change, Inc. project,, has just won a generous grant of $10,000 a month of free advertising from Google, Inc. for use on Google’s highly effective Adsense network. What a cool deal. I can’t thank the good folks at Google enough.

Using the highly valuable ads, though, turns out to be more complicated than just spending the money. I set up this page, for example, to give me a better sense of how search inquires might map to what Google calls the “keywords” I need to purchase with their funds. I need to figure out how I can use these ads to attract people interested in supporting documentary films AND people who produce documentary films. That turns out to be a bit more difficult than one might imagine. As a result, it looks like my Google Adsense blitz will remain a work in progress until I get the hang of it. Nice, though, to be doing it on Google’s dime…What a great company. The filmmakers using our site are deeply grateful for their support.

Meanwhile, here is a related link to a page of other documentary film funding resources, which will evolve over time.

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