Terry McAuliffe for President

14th February 20079:59 am

February 14, 2007

Run, don’t walk, get a good seat and get ready to laugh til you cry if you ever have a chance to see former Democratic National Committee Chair Terry McAuliffe speak. I had my first chance to hear him give a talk earlier this week and he was, in a word, okay two words, simply fantastic. Brilliant, insightful and funny as can be. Comfortable in his own skin. He made me wish he was running for president, or that someone was running for president with his wit and ability to cut to the heart of a topic with humor and humility. It reminded me of the late, great Rep. Morris Udall, who would have been a wonderful president, and who surely would have been re-elected, had he not been beaten for the nomination that year by former Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter whose presidency was far worse than many of my fellow democrats now remember. If you can’t see McAuliffe speak, then read his book. It will remind you what politics can be when people with brains have the courage to say what is on their mind. Terry McAuliffe for President.

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