Vote Yes on Measure C

12th April 200610:42 am

April 12, 2006

Please join me in supporting Measure C on the June election ballot. Our locally elected Board of Trustees put the $490 million bond measure before the voters to fund a smart and much-needed long-term, 15-year plan to maintain the physical safety and competitiveness of Foothill College and De Anza College. Unfortunately, we can’t depend on the state to keep these fine schools top-notch. Instead, that responsibility falls on our shoulders. The passage of Measure C will ensure the provision of high-quality educational opportunities for the next generation of area community college students. It will also be good for our local economy. I urge everyone to get involved, donate if you can and help us win this election. Community colleges are the place where information, opportunity and need intersect for anyone who walks in the door. Our community cannot thrive without them. It’s as simple as that.

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