Why Richard Alexander is the Best Personal Injury Attorney

27th February 20097:26 am

I don’t usually offer professional recommendations in this space, but my dear friend, San Jose personal injury attorney Dick Alexander, is the subject of a new video that will be of interest to anyone who needs or knows anyone who needs a personal injury attorney. Dick’s been my close friend and legal adviser for more than 30 years. We met back when he was doing draft counseling for conscientious objectors during the Vietnam War. Twenty years later, he handled the landmark “greenwashing” lawsuit we successfully settled with General Electric, which was misleading consumers by selling lookalike energy efficient light bulbs that were in fact wolves in sheep’s clothing. In this video, Dick’s grateful clients Jackie and Gerry Pighini talk about the person I’ve been proud to call a best friend for decades now (disclaimer: Dick is a board member of my non-profit org., the Center for Media Change, Inc. and has also been a generous donor to my political campaigns):