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as originally published in the Metro

I wore many different hats at the San Jose-based weekly Metro newspaper for more than ten years, including serving as news and politics editor, and author of the paper’s regular PublicEye column. My first cover story, about President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative — or Star Wars plan — was published on October 23, 1986.

Metro was my launching pad as a print journalist. I must express my thanks and deep gratitude to former managing editor Sharan Street who was a true joy to work with.

Most of my work for Metro pre-dated the Internet. Below you’ll find samples of some of the articles I saved over the years, including a few sample PublicEye columns that also contain a few items written by other writers. The two stories at the top of this list are available online at Metro’s site. All the other files listed below come from my personal archives, scanned in as images from their original clips as well as converted to adobe acrobat files. Most of these files are readable although the quality is sometimes low. You’ll probably want to consider using the adobe versions if for some reason you want or need to print out any of the older files listed below.

1985 - 1990
1990 - 1995
Public Eye