I wore many different hats at the San Jose-based weekly Metro newspaper for more than ten years, including serving as news and politics editor, and author of the paper’s regular PublicEye column. My first cover story, about President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative — or Star Wars plan — was published on October 23, 1986. Metro was my launching pad as a print journalist. I must express my thanks and deep gratitude to former managing editor Sharan Street who was a true joy to work with. Most of my work for Metro pre-dated the Internet. Below you’ll find samples of some of the articles I saved over the years, including a few sample PublicEye columns that also contain a few items written by other writers. The two stories at the top of this list are available online at Metro’s site. All the other files listed below come from my personal archives, scanned in as images from their original clips as well as converted to adobe acrobat files. Most of these files are readable although the quality is sometimes low. You’ll probably want to consider using the adobe versions if for some reason you want or need to print out any of the older files listed below.



Late Aid September 5, 1985 Red Tape Stymies Student Aid Program.First Page
Day at the Dump September 12, 1985 The Building of Shoreline Amphetheatre. First Page
Building the Reagan Library at Stanford March 14, 1985 First Page
Next Stop, Managua December 19, 1985 First Page
Early Warning System January 9, 1986 First Page
New Wave Taxation January 16, 1986 Federal Government Attempts to Tax Scholarships.First Page
SDI and Silicon Valley October 23, 1986 Betting our Future on a Systems Experts Say Can't Work.First Page Second Page
1988 12th Disctrict GOP Congressional Race November 5, 1987 Tom Campbell vs. Ernest Konnyu First Page
Konnyu Untangle This Mess August 20, 1987 Campaign to Unseat GOP Congressman Ernest Konnyu. First Page

Sorry, No Change September 3, 1987 The Homeless on the Streets of Palo Alto.First Page
Pete McCloskey Profile October 1, 1987 Brawl in the 12th Congressional District Cover First Page Second Page Third Page Fourth Page Fifth Page
Presidential Candidate Michael Dukakis Q&A October 22, 1987 Massachusetts to Mars.First Page
Moral Regenerates February 11, 1988 Ethics Classes Swell on College Campuses. First Page
Green Eggs and Miso October 13, 1988 Green Party California Convention First Page
1988 12th District Democatic Party Congressional Race May 26, 1988 Anna Eshoo vs. Jim Garrison First Page Second Page
Police Chiefs Talk about Gun Control June 30, 1988 First Page
Daily Bread July 14, 1988 How the Defense Department Bought off America's Newspapers. Cover First Page Second Page
Last Ditch Glitch July 7, 1988 Aftermath of 1988 GOP Congressional Primary. First Page
Rx for Housing Ills August 4, 1988 First Page Second Page Third Page
1988 12th District Congressional Race November 3, 1988 Anna Eshoo vs. Tom Campbell First Page


Coming Unglued October 18, 1990 A Look at Santa Clara County's Failing Mental Health System.Cover First Page Second Page Third Page Fourth Page Fifth Page Sixth Page
Private Parts February 21, 1991 A Peek Inside Palo Alto's Resident's Only Foothills Park.First Page Second Page Third Page
Played in Japan October 12, 1991 Profile of Videonics, Inc. Cover First Page Second Page Third Page Fourth Page Fifth Page Sixth Page
Sincerely, Tom Campbell May 21, 1992 Profile of U.S. Senate Candidate Tom Campbell
by John Whalen and Hal Plotkin Cover First Page Second Page Third Page Fourth Page Fifth Page Sixth Page Seventh Page
Cardinal Advice September 3, 1992 Advice to incomming Stanford President Casper.First Page Second Page Third Page
1992 14th District Congressional Race October 22, 1992
Anna Eshoo vs. Tom Huening First Page Second Page
The New Politics
November 4, 1992 John Vasconcellos and his Impact on Silicon Valley and California. Cover First Page Second Page Third Page Fourth Page Fifth Page
Saving Silicon Valley
January 14, 1993 A Profile of the Early Efforts of Joint Venture Silicon Valley.
The Next Big Initiative December 29, 1994 The Targeting of Affirmative Action. First Page Second Page
Contract on the Environment April 20, 1995 First Page Second Page
Indecent Proposal June 22, 1995 The Communications Decency Act. Cover First Page Second Page Third Page
Dancing with Gazelles July 27, 1995 The workings of the California Economic Strategy Panel. First Page
News Hole August 3, 1995 The Aftermath of the Demise of the Peninsula Times Tribune. First Page Second Page Third Page Fourth Page Fifth Page
Right on the Money November 22, 1995 A Look at the Hoover Institution's Partisan Agenda. First Page Second Page
Third Page Fourth Page Fifth Page Sixth Page Seventh Page


Public Eye November 12, 1987 John Vasconcellos, AEA
Public Eye November 26, 1987 SJSU, Jockeying to replace GOP Congressman Ernie Konnyu.
Public Eye December 10, 1987 Local political coverage.
Public Eye May 19, 1988 John Dukakis campaigns for Dad Mike, congressional hopefuls spar.
Public Eye June 30, 1988 Zoe Lofgren's election as supervisor, Pete McCloskey.
Public Eye July 21, 1988 Bohemian Club, Competition from San Jose Mercury
Public Eye August 25, 1988 More on the Bohemian Club Controversy, Bush vs. Dukakis in Silicon Valley.
Public Eye September 8, 1988 Eshoo vs. Campbell, Hoover Institution Controversy, Dukakis San Jose visit.
Public Eye September 29, 1988 Jesse Jackson vs. Michael Dukakis, GOP Rep. Tom Campbell's Support for Harsh Drug Penalties.
Public Eye October 6, 1988 Former Gov. Jerry Brown runs for state Democratic Party Chair.
Public Eye June 22, 1995 John Vasconcellos vs. Tom Hayes.