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as originally published on Inc. Magazine

I’ve written more than two dozen articles for Inc. magazine and its quarterly supplement, Inc. Technology, over the years. I also served as Associate Editor of the magazine’s short-lived (but excellent!) International Edition. It was particularly rewarding to write for Inc. during a period when it was pioneering new ways of thinking about business and the economy.

I benefited enormously during this period from the steadfast support of Inc.’s former publisher, Jay MacDonald, whose reputation for excellence is both well-known and entirely deserved. I’m also grateful to my tough-minded and fearless editors at Inc., who encouraged me to chase good stories wherever I could find them, from central Arkansas to Kuala Lampur.

I owe a special debt of gratitude to former Inc. west coast editor Joel Kotkin for showing me the ropes and for his generous and able tutelage. I was also fortunate to have the assistance of several other talented editors at Inc., including Nancy Lyons, Jeff Seglin, Leslie Brokaw, Elyse Friedman, David Freedman, and Inc.’s longtime editor-in-chief, George Gendron. We had a lot of fun. While I don’t have copies of all my Inc. articles, links to many of them appear below.

My favorite, though, was the story about the guy who ran his shipping business as a front for the CIA.

Talk about having senior partners…