I've written more than two dozen articles for Inc. magazine and its quarterly supplement, Inc. Technology, over the years. I also served as Associate Editor of the magazine's short-lived (but excellent!) International Edition. It was particularly rewarding to write for Inc. during a period when it was pioneering new ways of thinking about business and the economy.

I benefited enormously during this period from the steadfast support of Inc.'s former publisher, Jay MacDonald, whose reputation for excellence is both well-known and entirely deserved. I'm also grateful to my tough-minded and fearless editors at Inc., who encouraged me to chase good stories wherever I could find them, from central Arkansas to Kuala Lampur.

I owe a special debt of gratitude to former Inc. west coast editor Joel Kotkin for showing me the ropes and for his generous and able tutelage. I was also fortunate to have the assistance of several other talented editors at Inc., including Nancy Lyons, Jeff Seglin, Leslie Brokaw, Elyse Friedman, David Freedman, and Inc.'s longtime editor-in-chief, George Gendron. We had a lot of fun. While I don't have copies of all my Inc. articles, links to many of them appear below.

My favorite, though, was the story about the guy who ran his shipping business as a front for the CIA. Talk about having senior partners...



The Few, The Proud, The Bankable
October 15, 1998
What They Do and Don’t Teach You in Business School
December 1, 1997
Trillion-dollar Jackpot Bypasses Small Business, Says SBA
August 1, 1997
Seeking Quality Juicer Squeezes out Franchisees (Jamba Juice)
July 1, 1997
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Vineyard
June 1, 1997
A Blockbuster Video Idea
October 15, 1997
I’m Your Assistant and I’m Not Here to Help You
October 1, 1997
Cisco’s Secret – Entrepreneurs Sell Out and Stay Put
March 1, 1997
Jig May Be Up on Fantastic Multiples from Acquisitions
February 1, 1997
Wal-Mart Throws the Book at Small Business Vendors
January 7, 1997
Hollywood Lures High School Animators
January 1, 1997
Small Business Gets No Charge From Electricity Deregulation December 1, 1996
Running on Empty (Wells Fargo Program for Small Business)
December 1, 1996
Business, Bureaucrats Reinvent Local Government
November 1, 1996
Slow Fingers Stall FDA Approvals
October 1, 1996

Prop. 13 Time Bomb Explodes, Start-ups Hit

October 1, 1996
Student Uprising – Collegiate Entrepreneurship Programs
August 1, 1996
Speed Bumps – The Promise and Problems with ISDN
June 15, 1996
Dining ala Data
December 15, 1995
Spin Doctors (Profile of RycoDisc Founders)
June 15, 1995
Riches From Rags (Brenda French of French Rags)
March 15, 1995
The CEO Who Came in From the Cold
March 1, 1994
Growing Business by Going Global -- In The China Shop
September 1, 1993
International Partners (Profile of Cinzia, Inc.)
May 1, 1989
The End of the Line (Fairchild Semiconductor)
February 1, 1989
Chinese Checkers (Profile of Lewis Perdue)
February 1, 1989
How Now, Ed Zschau?
December 1, 1988
Do Not Pass Go (Go Video)
November 1, 1988
Pioneers Thrive as Old Ways Die in Funeral Industry
April 1, 1998