This page is currently under construction. When it is done it will contain a brief annotated list of links to clippings, letters and documents regarding my work as a journalist and social activist. I am currently in the process of digitizing these documents — which you’ll find popping up below in no particular order as they are processed. When that task is over I’ll add a narrative and put the links in an order that I hope will tell something about my early history as a journalist and my interests in related social policies.

David Packard
March 13, 1989

Classified Information
Media Influence Buying by the U.S. Defense Department
California Business Magazine
May 1988
Adobe Acrobat Version: First Page Second Page

April and March 1989:
Nancy Pelosi
John Murtha
Don Edwards
Norman Mineta
Nicholas Mavroules
Les Aspin

DOD Audit Report
May 24, 1989

(Partial List)

New Dem Page One

New Dem Page Two

General Electric Greenwashing Settlement

OER Presentation to FHDA Board

Center for Media Change, Inc.

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