Photo Credits and Legal Permissions homepage photo credit (U.S. Capitol Building) by Will O’Neill

U.S. Capitol Building, from East in morning

DC Lobbyists Protest Change in Obama Policy Photo Credit Glyn Lowe.

Edward Kennedy’s Eulogy for his Brother Bobby Photo Credit Tim Evanson.

Thank you, Martha Kanter Photo Credit U.S. Department of Education.

Who Will Protect California’s Students Photo Credit College Degrees 360

How to End the Credit Crunch Photo Credit by Michael Daddino

Bring Back Usury Laws to Hasten Economic Recovery Photo Credit Taber Andrew Bain

The Truth About U.S. vs. Foreign Corporate Tax Rates Illustration by Citizens for Tax Justice

Oh no! Not the Zombie Skills Gap Argument Again Photo Credit Lena Fernandes via Flicker Commons.

How Open Academic Tests Would Work Photo Credit “Get Down” via Flicker Commons.