I wrote the Tech BEAT column for the San Francisco Chronicle's website, SFgate.com, from August 1998 until December 2002. During that time I was fortunate to work with SFgate.com's incredibly smart editor, Amy Moon. Amy's keen insights and suggestions often helped me sharpen my ideas and arguments. I will always be grateful for her skillful touch.

My wonderful wife, the award-winning Bay Area journalist Loren Stein, also deserves mention here and my gratitude -- not only for marrying me -- but also for her diligent editing, wise feedback, great suggestions and high expectations. Both Amy and Loren made important behind-the-scenes contributions to my SFgate.com essays. Words cannot express my gratitude.



Tear Down the Walls August 31, 1998 College in the Digital Age.
The Open Source Revolution August 3, 1998 Mr. Gates, Meet Mr. Torvalds.
New Age Voting September 23, 1998 How Technology Might Revolutionize Voting.
Why It’s Not Clicking for Asia October 8, 1998 More Economic Turmoil in the Far East?
Closing the Digital Divide October 19, 1998 Is the Dream of Racial Equality Stuck in an Infinite Loop?
Poof! Instant LAN November 10, 1998 You’re Already Wired.
Free Money Here! November 23, 1998 Online Help Finding Venture Capital that You Might Not Want to Use.
The Socket Wars December 7, 1998
How Intel Corp. is Giving R&D a Bad Name.
Time for a Silver Bullet December 22, 1998 How to Make Tech Companies Do the Right Thing.


Net Unemployment January 4, 1999 Will the Internet Put You Out of Work?
Speed Kills January 18, 1999 How PacBell’s New DSL Service Trips up the Competition.
Online Government February 1, 1999 Bringing the Public Sector Up to Speed.
Biotech Rules Part I February 16, 1999 Pssst…Anyone Wanna Buy a Cure for Cancer?
Biotech Rules Part II March 2, 1999 Science, Serendipity and the Web.
Power to the People March 15, 1999 The Return of Cold Fusion.
Killing the Rainmakers March 29, 1999 The Dying Art of High-Tech Public Relations.
Love Bytes April 12, 1999 Will the Net Flatten Maslow’s Pyramid?
Oh, Holy Net April 28, 1999
Does the Hand of God Know HTML?
The War Against Cold Fusion
May 17, 1999
What’s Really Behind it?
Must-See TV
May 25, 1999
Get Paid to Watch.
Tech Stocks
June 9, 1999
Has the Boom Gone Bust?
We’re Flying Blind June 22, 1999
It’s Time for Some New Economic Metrics.
Wanna Make a Bet? July 6, 1999 How the Internet Might Improve Your Odds.
Killing Uncle Sam July 20, 1999 The Tax Man Meets His Match Online.
Running Lame August 4, 1999 Most Presidential Candidates Stumble Online.
Beta This August 17, 1999 Cleaning Up the Software Industry’s Bug-Infested Mess.
Masters of Our Domain August 31, 1999 RealNames Means Just What it Says.
The Kids are Not Alright September 15, 1999 Why Johnny Can’t Compute.
I’m Rooting for Bill Gates, Sort of… September 30, 1999 Why Breaking Up Microsoft Solves Nothing.
Open Sesame October 14, 1999 How Collabnet Takes Open Source to the Next Level.
Big Idiot on Campus October 28, 1999 U.C. Should Broadcast Class Lectures Online.
Going Once, Going Twice, Gone! November 11, 1999 How eBay is Shooting Itself in the Foot.
Reader’s Beat November 24, 1999 SFgate Readers Respond to Past Columns.
Click Here to Buy December 8, 1999 Online Shopping Tips from Someone Who Hates to Shop.
Our Wacky Patent System December 23, 1999 And its Perilous, Toothless Reform.


Open-Source TV January 5, 2000 Why Broadcasters Should Get on the Open Source Bandwagon Pronto.
Fixing Microsoft February 3, 2000 A Three-Step Plan to Make Bill Gates Play Fair.
Deposit This February 23, 2000 On the Internet, Your Bank is Not Your Friend.
Patently False March 17, 2000 Time for Amazon.com’s Jeff Bezos to Get Serious.
Napster April 6, 2000 How Free Music Will Change the Planet.
Highway Robbery May 10, 2000 Electronic Toll Collection System Won’t Fix Traffic Woes.
Digital Food May 26, 2000 How Online Groceries Could Set the Stage for a Revolution in the Aisles.
Talking Computers June 7, 2000 Microsoft's Long Range Plan to Fight the Feds.
Coming Up with the Next Big Thing June 28, 2000 The Race for New Wireless Applications.
Little Man Big Mind July 31, 2000 New Media Pioneer Gary Brickman's Remarkable Life.
Fast and Easy August 31, 2000 New Browserless Search Tools Allow One-Click Searching.
Burn Your Cubicle September 21, 2000 Virtual Teams are the Future of Work.
Faster than Light Travel October 18, 2000 Would it Be Worth Trying to Spin A Baton in Space Faster Than Light?
Technical Correction November 21, 2000 The “Numbers Guy” and Wall Street.
Machine Error December 21, 2000 The Case for Paper Ballots.


Where’s the Competition? January 25, 2001 How the California Legislature Helped Create the Energy Crisis.
ReplayTV vs. TiVo February 27, 2001 How One Little Button Could Wipe Out Commercial Television.
Buying the Grid March 13, 2001 Why Governor Davis’ Plan to Buy the Electricity Grid Puts Taxpayers on the Wrong Side of Future Technologies.
Timing the Tech Stock Recovery April 4, 2001 Why Investors Should Trust Themselves, Not the Analysts.
Desktop Linux April 19, 2001 Eazel, Inc. Coulda Changed the World But Went Broke Trying.
Free Higher Education May 10, 2001 MIT’s OpenCourseWare Plan fires the First Real Shot.
Cisco’s Slide June 5, 2001 We weren’t ready.
The Next Frontier June 21, 2001 Proposal For a Ten-Year Crash Program to Build a Working Nanovehicle.
The New Napster July 10, 2001 The Music Industry Has Met its Match in the Open-Source Gnucleus File Sharing Program.
Slap the PUC July 31, 2001 Why this May be the Last Chance to Save Independent Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from Extinction.
Kick 'Em When They're Down August 23, 2001 Silicon Valley's Usual CEO Excuses Don't Tell the Real Story.
No Silver Bullets September 18, 2001 Giving Up Privacy for Security Will Leave Us With Neither.
Energy Independence Now October 4, 2001 We Need A New Energy Revolution.
War Boom October 23, 2001 More Pentagon spending could actually hurt Silicon Valley.
The End Of Hewlett-Packard As We Knew It? November 19, 2001 Revered company is between a rock and a hard place.
The "Last Mile" Problem December 6, 2001 ADCOs could finally bust open the local phone market.
The Westly Factor
December 17, 2001 Why a usually obscure state election might matter most for tech firms.
Playing the Biotech Boom December 31, 2001 Why Picking Biotech Stocks is Not a Game for Novices.


Political Weapons January 17, 2002 The Missile Defense Shield Will Help Neutralize the Tech Sector.
Search Me January 28, 2002 Doom ahead for search engines that charge listing fees.
All Hail Creative Commons February 11, 2002 Stanford professor and author Lawrence Lessig plans a legal insurrection.
Vexing Options February 25, 2002 Accounting scandal fallout could mean positive changes for workers and investors.
Cold Fusion Rides Again March 25, 2002 Science magazine publishes more evidence of tabletop nuclear reactions.
Sharing The Airwaves April 11, 2002 Spread spectrum technology could bring a new dawn for broadcasting.
Shooting Blanks April 22, 2002 The growing digital rights movement needs to put some political heads on stakes -- fast.
Hollywood's Way Out May 6, 2002 New distribution platform is solution for copyright theft.
Ocean Rescue May 22, 2002 Planktos Foundation hopes to reduce global warming by fertilizing the seas.
Nanotechnology's First Fruits June 6, 2002 Products nearing market promise to lead the budding industry from hype to reality.
Fuel Cell Hold-Up June 20, 2002 Government's go-slow approach promises to keep the technology on the shelf.
Taxing Workers July 3, 2002 Cutting capital gains taxes could hurt Silicon Valley in the long run.
The Disintermediation Blues July 18, 2002 On the sad state of online car- and mortgage-buying services.
Not a Moment Too Soon July 30, 2002 DigiPortal's innovative new ChoiceMail program means the end of spam.
Take The Medicine August 15, 2002 By not expensing stock options now, tech firms are just prolonging the pain.
Open-Source Government August 29, 2002 Free-software guru Bruce Perens has a new information-technology solution.
Berman-Coble Goes Too Far September 12, 2002 Legalizing hacking of P2P networks hurts start-ups, not thieves.
Free Mickey September 26, 2002 Stanford Law Professor seeks to overturn the Sonny Bono Copyright Extension Act.
Silicon Valley Fights Back October 9, 2002 Hollywood has a worthy adversary in South Bay Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren.
Picture This October 24, 2002 Government Web sites are for the people not incumbent office-holders.
Tech Futures November 7, 2002 Where workers and investors will find opportunities in the years ahead.