Gaining Traction in the Blogosphere

13th March 20088:49 am

March 13, 2008

I just learned that has named my humble little outpost in the blogosphere the 10th best blog focused on higher education policy issues. Poking around, I also found out I am 12th on their list of best blogs with content related to the Democratic Party and, by the skin of my teeth, also on their list of the country’s top 100 political blogs. Naturally, I’m flattered.

The news comes just a few weeks after this blog was picked up by the Blogburst syndicate, which is yielding upwards of 2000 headline impressions a day in affiliated publications such as Reuters and the Chicago Sun Times. Originally, this whole blogging thing started out for me as just an outlet for thoughts and ideas I could not publish elsewhere. But lately, more and more it’s beginning to feel like an engine that’s starting to turn over. The timing of all this is very welcome, though, particularly given the announcement about a revolutionary new non-profit media-related venture that I plan to make in this space in just a few days. More on that shortly.

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