David Cohn Tells It Like It Is

14th November 20087:37 am

November 14, 2008

My friend and colleague, Spot.US founder David Cohn, wrote an inspired blog post today about the future of journalism and our shared responsibilities as citizens. An excerpt:

What we need is inspiration, hope, a belief that yes “journalism will survive the death of its institutions.” That a new media start-up can serve the same mission that traditional media has done for us in the past. Hope that many of the institutions we love can find a way to steer their large bureaucratic ships to safety before taking on too much debt.

I am writing this post physically exhausted but emotionally charged. I feel like a lion. As if I could talk down the curmudgeonist of curmudgeons. Not because I know the answer(s) – but because if we can’t even talk those people down, then we might as well just crawl into a hole and give up. Fuck that! We are moving forward with or without them.

Read the rest here. Go, David, Go.

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